Sunday, October 16, 2011

Zombie Central: SWAT Team Invades Movie Set Of World War Z And Season Two Of Walking Dead Premieres Tonight

I haven’t been following the news about World War Z for some time now on account of how, due to a baffling lack of any reason, I still have yet to read the darn book and don’t want any spoilers (it’s on my X-mas wish list, though), plus I want to read said novel before seeing any subsequent movie adaptation. However, what might be even more baffling than my lack of readership is how Us Weekly reports a SWAT team invaded a prop warehouse affiliated with the movie.

Apparently, the raid was due to a major SNAFU (army slang for “situation normal: all fucked up”) involving the transport of guns meant to be used as props. The error isn’t on the part of the authorities, however. These “movie props” consisted of 85 real and completely operational guns, most of which were frickin’ military-style automatic assault rifles. I guess the crew working on World War Z wanted the special effects for the zombie headshots to be really authentic.

This doesn’t even sound like a bureaucratic attempt on Hungary’s part to squeeze even more money out of the over-budget film, either. According to this blog concerning the incident, it’s just illegal to be transporting the weapons without the proper paperwork (implying movies are allowed to use real gun as long as they’re logically loaded with blanks when firing at each people with them). However, nobody on set bothered to file or keep said paperwork in check, as none of them realized they were dealing with actual weapons (how does one accidentally come into ownership of 85 military-grade weapons?). Brad Pitt is reportedly pissed over how far behind schedule and over budget the film already is. I’m sure this will help smooth things along perfectly.

In other zombie-related news, the season two premiere of The Walking Dead premieres tonight on AMC at 9/8c. They aired a marathon all afternoon of the first season leading up to the new episode. The first season has been available on Blu-ray since March 8th. You can expect a review of the premiere episode within the next few days.

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