Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dark Knight Rises Six-Minute Trailer To Premiere With Mission Impossible Sequel

It’s been announced that a Dark Knight Rises six-minute trailer will debut with the IMAX screening of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. This follows the same marketing ploy used with the IMAX screening of I Am Legend, which premiered a six-minute long trailer of The Dark Knight.

The IMAX premiere of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol will be on December 16th, with the film seeing its general release on the 21st. To promote the release, the previous movies will be rereleased as a new box set called the Mission Impossible Extreme Blu-Ray Trilogy on December 6th.

In other DVD news, Batman Year One hit the shelves yesterday and, I’ve got to say, may quite possibly be the best comic book adaptation of all time. It’s so damn good that I’ll be dedicating a proper, full review of the feature later this week. If you pick up a copy for yourselves in the meantime, just be sure to watch the DC Showcase: Catwoman short only after you’ve watched the main attraction.

While on the subject of superheroes and home video releases, the Green Lantern Extended Cut was released on the 14th. Early estimates reveal that it took second place in home rentals and video sales that week, while others are claiming it was in third.

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